Publishing your site

LYNDA: Chapter 8: (13 min) 

Chapter 10: Managing a Site: (44 min)

From Adobe: Publish and Manage your Website

Really great tutorial: Publish your Website in Dreamweaver (with practice files)

Another good one: GoDaddy

Buying a domain name (one time fee) + Web Hosting (monthly fee)

One example:

CSS Transitions, Hover, etc.

CSS Animations and Transitions Cheat Sheet.jpg

CSS Transitions:

Adobe CSS Transitions

More transitions help from Adobe

transitions: w3school

more css transitions


Hover Effects: Code Pen

How to: Hover Effects

This page has some great hover effects that you can download : import CSS into Dreamweaver and source the code.

Great resource with good visual examples: CSS transitions and animations

Text overlay on hover

Text overlay on hover



BEST INTRO LINK: Using CSS Animations + CSS Animations