SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Click here for Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Simple take – aways: 

  1. Never leave a page “Untitled”
  2. Use Alt Text Behind Images
  3. Add Unique Descriptions using Meta Tags – including keywords
  4. Use Heading Tags

What is SEO? 

Tips straight from Google Analytics

Beginners guide to SEO

Dreamweaver SEO Tips



CSS Transitions, Hover, etc.

CSS Animations and Transitions Cheat Sheet.jpg

CSS Transitions:

Adobe CSS Transitions

More transitions help from Adobe

transitions: w3school

more css transitions


Hover Effects: Code Pen

How to: Hover Effects

This page has some great hover effects that you can download : import CSS into Dreamweaver and source the code.

Great resource with good visual examples: CSS transitions and animations

Text overlay on hover

Text overlay on hover



BEST INTRO LINK: Using CSS Animations + CSS Animations