Monday, Feb. 4: Welcome students!

26-Things-to-Note-Before-You-Develop-a-Website1Welcome, students!

I’m looking forward to a great semester with you. Today we will talk about an overview of the whole semester, the syllabus, online tutorials and resources and have a short introductory research project and discussion.

I’m thrilled to be teaching this course as we work our way through the components, terminology and features of Dreamweaver.  Through hands-on lectures, demonstrations, and projects, the student will learn the essential techniques and functions of Dreamweaver. We will apply the principles of design to create effective, efficient and consistent web designs.

Please click here for our syllabus and always refer to this blog for our assignments, video tutorial requirements and due dates. This is our tentative schedule – but again, absolute deadlines + assignments are always going to be posted here. So check back regularly as I build this site.

Things to go over today:

  1. Syllabus
  2. Schedule (see below)
  3. Introductions + special interests
  4. Homework:
  5. Highly encouraged: Favorite web design book: $11!

Let’s talk about the following questions:

  • Why are you here? What are your goals? What is your background?
  • What makes a great website? What are things that you think are required, optional and not necessary in a website?
  • What is important to you in the Design vs. Function balancing act?
  • What is Responsive Design and is it important to you? Is it the future of web design or just a current trend?
  • What do you think IS in the future of web design?
  • How important is social media in all of this?
  • What happens when we Google “Bad Web Design”? 😉

Intro research project:

Find 5 websites that you love + 5 websites that you don’t like – Why?

Plan out and research local redesign. Do you know anyone? This is a great way to learn as well as go to them with a better idea.

Some intro and theory-based links to check out: 

Stages of Web Design

An excellent, current, publication :

Web Design Book of Trends 2013 – 2014  and 2017 (Do you want to be a part of the trends?)

Homework: Check out these tutorials on (we will be revisiting these periodically – bookmark them now!)